Considering Internet Connections

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In the UK today, if we are considering getting an internet connection, we will probably have several different internet providers we can choose from. Probably the first thing we will want to know is, is fibre available in my areaas it can provide a higher quality signal. Of course, if it is then you will want to know which of the internet providers uses the fibre and if it is only one, opt to go with that provider in order to receive a better quality. The chances are though that if there is fibre in your area, more than one provider will be using it and so you once again are faced with a choice of providers. As each of the available providers will have their own packages to offer you, it are those packages which you will want to see, along with their individual prices, in order to make your decision on which provider to use.

Although you will of course want a fast speed, you probably will not want to waste money on the fastest speeds available as they are usually only options for businesses which have many devices using the same internet connection, each of the devices slowing down the speed for the rest. You too, even in your home can be affected by the number of devices that use your internet connection. For example, if you have only one device in your home using the internet connection and that connection has a speed of 5 MGPS, you should receive that same speed on your device however, if the same home with the same speed connection, had 3 or 4 devices linked to the internet connection, none of them would receive the same speed as was delivered to the house.

This means that for most of us, we have to ask for a speed faster than what we want to receive on our device. An example of this is that Netflix recommend for best reception of their content, you should have an internet speed of at least 5 MBPS which is fine however, if we have several devices in our home, all using the same internet connection, you will want a speed faster than 5 MBPS going to your house to ensure that on the device you are using, you get a speed of 5 MBPS.

Although these are reasonably fast speeds, South Korea and Hong Kong have average internet connection speeds of 1 GBPS which is very fast however, the people there can afford to pay for those speeds as for that speed in South Korea, the cost will only be US$20 per month whilst in Hong Kong that speed is slightly more expensive but is still available at a price of US$ 26 per month. We must therefore try and settle for a speed which although is fast enough for our use, is still affordable and within out planned budget. Even then though, we will still be left with several options provided by different providers.