Survival Knives

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If you are thinking about venturing into the wilderness you will probably be aware that it is essential that you carry a knife as a knife is able to be used in all sorts of circumstances in the outdoors, some you may be aware of and others that will come as a surprise but, what you may not realize is that most outdoorsmen carry at least two knives.

Experts in outdoor life and even just enthusiasts will carry both what is known as a hunting knife and a survival knife which although both are sharp and can be used for various different situations, each is ideal for different tasks. A hunting knife is great for skinning animals whilst the survival knife is more adept at killing them if one should attack you. The hunting knife may be useful for cutting string or cord but the survival knife will be better at cutting twigs and branches you will probably need for a fire.

Many people have found that having a good knife with them in the wilderness has meant the difference between life and death, either as it afforded the opportunity to build a fire to protect them from the cold of night and frighten away dangerous animals or allowed them to prepare something g to eat. It is the fact that a knife can save your life which prompts many outdoorsmen to ensure that they have the best of each, the best possible hunting knife and the best possible survival knife but which ones are the best is something that is the subject of many discussions.

Websites, like best survival knife 2018, for instance, will only venture as to what their opinion is of the best knife and will instead list several that could contend for that title.  Although the basics of each of these different types of the knife may be straightforward, a short and sharp blade for a hunting knife and a longer, stronger but equally sharp blade for a survival knife, different features of each appeal to different outdoorsmen.

The cost of these different knives can vary with a good survival knife costing perhaps as much as $200 although there are some which are cheaper. With either of these knives though, most enthusiastic outdoorsmen will not consider price, at any price is cheap if it saves their life. Rather they focus on the knife’s qualities instead and decide to buy the one that they think best suits their needs regardless of the cost.

One keen outdoorsman who has become famous for his survival TV series is Bear Grylls and although some knives bear his name, they may not necessarily be the best knives for you. Most people will have personal preferences when it comes to these types of the knife such as weight, length and easy to use and so no one knife is probably the best knife for everyone. However, some knives do stand out as favorites for many and some of those knives are the Grylls knives.